Kung Fu and Love

Kung Fu and Love
A great gift for Valentine's day or Chinese New Year

Friday, November 19, 2021

Learn Lion Dance and Kung Fu at Murray Hill Chinese School

Performing Lion Dance at the Mid Autumn Festival in Bridgewater, NJ 

We have been teaching and performing Kung Fu and lion dance in NJ for about 5 years now and are confusingly known under a few different names. We are looking for more people to come and join our team. We teach children and adults of all levels. Come  learn some self defense, some fighting skills, some performance skills, and you know, the ancient art of lion dance and Kung Fu. Our classes are very affordable and are held at the Murray Hill Chinese School at 108 Stirling Rd in Warren, NJ

and for more info about our Kung Fu class you can email us at
or call 8574889723

Also check out this video that has us performing lion dance for a separate event


Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 I have been watching adventure movies. But instead of watching them by myself i have been watching them with the family. Which means that I am not as drawn into them and so i am thinking my own htoughts during the movie. I realize that as a child you have all these goals and aspirations of adventures and that most of the aspirations are basically to become train robbers or somehting like that. Or perhaps Kings. And isn't it strange that these two things are pretty much considered the same thing? As long as you are the hero of your story. 

In any case, I guess aspiration and view are not that different. Except that view is maybe looking at the situation I am in in the right perspective. So appreciating what I have. Aspiration is looking at what i want to become. In other words, what do I want to do with what I have? And most of what I have is my family and the home that we are living in. And I suppose it is important to realize that this time in my children's childhood is pretty valuable and not to lose it or waste it doing useless things that make no difference because later I cannot get this time back. However, later, I will have plenty of time to do those useless things. (Although I guess I should be careful also not to view anything as useless per se.)

For the past two meals i have returned to my fake Veganism. I say fake because I doubt I can strictly become fully Vegan in my environment. But the goal is to be mostly Vegan. I cooked some vegetables for dinner and for Break fast and lunch I had the same meal of vegtables and beans. The lunch I had rice with it. And bascially I feel as if I have more energy. Almost to the point where it almost feels like a drug. Like a lot of caffeine. Well.... I have had a lot of caffeine and maybe it affects my body differently because I haven't had any meat. That would make sense. 

I guess my aspiration, is that crazy Shaolin, adventure aspiration that i have always had as a child and my goal is to continue it. Continue practicing, and teaching my children, but also in a way that is positive for their chlidhood, and continue teaching classes and what not even though I am not being paid to do so... and to see if a path opens up. I used to wish to have a house and the stability that I have now and I always thought I would teach Kung Fu out of it. Even though technically the only students at the house are my kids... maybe that is not a bad thing at all.  And I have the opportunity or have created the opportunity for anyone to learn at the Murray Hill Chinese School class. And just because not that many people have signed up yet, maybe that is also not bad at all. After all, if I had 200 students who just forgot everything after I taught them... what's the point in that? Well, they still would have an experience and that wouldn't be pointless... but still. Maybe I am right where I need to be, except I need to practice more consistently.. or rather... continue to practice consistently. 

I am also going to try making Tik Tok vidoes with various Kung Fu stuff that just owuldn't work in a live performance. Primarily the double butcher knives idea. Which would be cool to perform... but could also cause problems. But works pretty well for a close up view of a tik tok video. Anyway, i am continuing to work on that. And I plan to read more. And write more, in the way that I am writing now. Writing for the sake of writing to get thoughts out into the world and to practice having thoughts I suppose. 

I used to write a lot. And now, well, I week ago I hardly did. and I believe it affectied my cognition. I want to erad more as well for the same reasons. and Maybe step by step I can crawl back from the fopg that I think I was in. And after I do that, maybe something will come up. Some new opportunity. But first I have to work on myself in the situation that I am in now. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Right View

 I am going to start recording my thoughts everyday. To make an effort to really do it. I have tried this with just writing it down mannually, but I know these pages will be lost. And I am saddened by the fact that I have started to feel as if maybe my thoughts and experiences don't matter. So in a way, my lack of recording is almost like a form of suicide. And so I feel I need to climb back to a mental state that I was in before and make goals for myself that revolve around my life as it is now. 

We rented chickens and that has sort of been one of my main daily tasks, watching them, as if they were Shao and Dai at the playground. and following them around gave me something to do, but it also took away from my work out time. In any case, they will be going back to the farm where they came from soon. Which in some ways makes me sad. But I also think they have had enough of our home and would appreciate the change in scenery. 

I am going to have to make a strong effort to have the right view. In other words, to have the right perspective of my life as it is now. A positive one. And I have to have goals for myself that make sense

and to do exactly what I want to do instead of just going through the motions of life. There are certain things that are possible, but don't make sense for me to pursue. In any case, as this blog is called "Kung Fu Dad" and thinking back to my previous times in life and what my goals were then... it actually appears that much of what I wanted has come to me seemingly without effort and perhaps that is part of my problem in terms of my "View". But i wiull make a stronger goal to practice and work out everyday to become good and better and a Master at what I do in a way that it is unquestionable. and that is an effort that does not require me to depend on this or that. I just have to make the time to practice. Which, I do. But the way I do it... is like more sad and haphazard compared to the way I used to. And so I have to do things knowing that I am doing exactly what i want and that I am doing it for myself.  

Basically I need to schedule my time better and put forth more effort in my down time, and record my thoughts everyday. To take up space and care about myself. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Refrain from Divisive Speech

 It seem sI have to concentrate to a harsher extreme on the eightfold path. Otherwise everything will fall apart.

Monday, October 4, 2021


 I have always been against Standardization. Maybe it is because I always valued diversity and also the environment that I learned Kung Fu in... had a schedule for forms and levels etc. But it was more of a guide. And it was ten years long. And we sort of didn't complete it. It wasn't so much that my Sifu was holding back on us. And I recognize this much more as I teach. Sometimes you can skip ahead... and sometimes you can't. But I want to try to have a standard curriculum that is shorter. Like just basics, walking basics, Luk Lik and then Sup ji. Not to say I am getting rid of the other forms.. and not to say I won't have other things added in. But it would be cool to really focus on this. I mean technically I feel like the basics in and of themselves could be their own system. And you just add in tid bits of Sanda moves from the forms and do various grappling drills an dplay fight. But its cool if say there was a meeting of 200 people and they did Sup Ji. 

For a while I wanted to take luk lik out. But this forms opening is the easiest to learn and aspects of it appear in other forms so... it kind of is necessary if you are going to do the whole system. (which most people won't) I also think if someone practices off and on for like ten years and learns luk lik and sup ji... and then is shown Joi jong... they would be like "Woah." 

I mean yes of course... I want a school like the one I learned in. But I could see a closer and more achievable goal of having several centers at varoius chinese schools and community centers and colleges or whatever that were clubs that taught basics, luk lik, and sup ji. In conjunction with whatever people like. MMA, HEMA, whatever. 

And then when those clubs gather... would be cool to all do the same form.

Now for a tournament...It would be cool to do forms like this. 

First you do the traditional form or basics. And that's just like a signal that you are part of the group, and maybe you are judged or graded on it... but it's only a fraction of the performance. So this section is like Karate. I say Karate instead of Wushu because in Wushu you can cerate new routines. 

Now after doing the traditional form. A beat drops and you can take those same moves and remix it adding in all kinds of difficult moves from any martial art or dance or whatever. Doesn't matter. And you can be judged on this creative portion on difficulty of moves creativity, practicality whatever. But this is a way to not "hold back" people who might be better at flips etc. but not as good at the traditional techniques that can often be very simple. 

Then for fighting, I feel like you should have to show that you know the techniques by performing them. That way its no surprise when someone throws a bunch of cups at you... but other than that, maybe the sparring is sort of a light version of MMA. Why light? well, maybe some events could offer full on fights, but for general gatherings I would say maybe light sparring with submissions would be better. Maybe even just points for submissions too instead of winning outright. Which sounds weird... but it shifts the focus slightly more to striking even though the strikes are light. There can be gloved and ungloved sparring too. Why so complicated? Mainly, its tto try and bring back that Kung Fu look into the fighting. Which people do want to see. But every time a low sidekick to the knee is thrown we realize why those types of techniques aren't really appropriate for sporting events even when they are legal. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Ideas for writing

 I can't just write stuff anymore. I need some sort of outline or plan for a cretaive project, that has limits and borders. And I think it has to be short story type stuff. Anything longer and I get lost. I have been toying with the idea of the character "Heruka Chinatown" for a while. I have been toying with many ideas for while and have given up on them but I noticed that my mind will play out these imaginary scenarios whether I will write them down or not.... so I might as well write them down even if it is for my own entertainment. 

Okay here is an idea for a place. 

Peach Orchard Park. 

Peach Orchard Park is a fictional Housing project on the edge of Boston's Chinatown. This is a good place to start. How can you write about people and characters if you don't have a place for them to live. 

Peach Orchard Park. POP for short. Maybe there are sevral prominent Families in this area... the five families. The Kwan's the Zhang's the Liu's the Zhou's the Wong's and the Mah's. Okay Six families. Myabe I should add the Zhuge's... I'll think about it. Maybe other groups like the Man. The Yue.

Maybe this housing project looks more like how I wished it would look. Its like an arcade with blended businesses and housing. I mean, that's what some places are anyway... but the businesses face in like a mall, instead of outwardly with heavy traffic going through it. And there are little parks or wooded areas. Willow Woods, Oak tree lane, Koi Fish pond.... ok... I think I know the real versions of what each one of those places is. 

And people. 

or Perhaps businesses first.

Bao's and Golden Triangles

Heruka's School of Arts: Martial and Aesthetic

Wok Hei

Diu Seem Dance

Church of Tao or Maybe Santiago.

That's good for now. I think I have to draw these places to be honest. 

Bamboo Towers: Giant Forrest of Housing Projects grown from Smart Bamboo

Monday, July 5, 2021

Peach Orchard Park

 I stared out the window from my darkened cave like room into the Peach Orchard in the middle of the City. There were apples and other fruit bearing trees as well. But the Peach Orchard is why the garden part of this housing project was not paved over or built over and was at the founding of this building complex of low income housing and businesses on the edge of Chinatown. 

    In the mornings there was not really a lot of activity on my window facing side. A person would pass by now and then. Later on the day care centers would release classrooms of children to play among the orchards like little monkey kings. Biting a peach here, through them at each other there. 

But right now it was all quiet. Staring out from darkness into the sunlit area was almost like staring from a place of meditation, peering into another world. But instead ot was a physical window I was staring out of. 

It had only been a week since I took my place at this property, that used to be a Kung Fu school. From my perspective, an ancient Kung Fu school where I had learned as a child. I then stumbled through time and space and various dimensions... so I was no longer the child that had moved away from this area only a decade or so ago. Instead I was an old man by appearance and went by the name Heruka. I had lived for centuries, millenia even, having taken many forms. 

But right now none of that really mattered. I was just a strange old man from some sort of religious group that was going to start teaching Kung Fu in this little space again.

I unlocked the door and stepped outside into the peach orchard. On the other side of this little courtyard, cars drove by. Some of them driving at the appropriate slow speed for a residential area, but some of them going much too fast. A friend, who had been  an older grown up looking woman to me 10 years ago... whom I now saw as a young woman. I waved to her as she passed by, and she nodded, somewhat awkwardly to be honest... probably wodnering who I was. Behind her, her mother wondered aloud in Hoisan Wah, 

"Are they making another Kung Fu school here? What happened to Sifu Wu? Did this Lo Fahn learn from him?"

Lisa, the young woman, turned to her to admonish her but stopped short when I said, "Hai le Hai le yes yes yes..." chuckling, "in a way yes and in a way no... but pretty much yes."

"I haen't seen you before?" Lisa looked at me, suspicious... and not to be all creepy I just shrugged and said, 

"We're still fixing some things inside but will open up shortly."

"What happened to Adam? And the others? And all the kids? Are they still over at the school inside Santiago?"

"Yes I said, this is a new school. And will be only for adults.