Kung Fu and Love

Kung Fu and Love
A great gift for Valentine's day or Chinese New Year

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Is anyone stressed out for no reason? Or maybe you are actually stressed out for good reason. But me...I feel that I am stressed out for no good reason. What do I do? I feel that I will be in this place of semi in betweenness for at least 10 years....or maybe...this in. Between ess is actually just life. But I feel like it is an in betweenness. It is a break...it is a vacation actually. And I have found thatboften...nothing stresses me out more than a vacation. It is a feeling as though one has no purpose. Someone will say.." then do this and this for me...do such and such a thing and I will pay you. That is what you should do." But I do feel as though I have other purposes than these things and that I would be a fool to give over all of my time to these tasks that are not my will ot my own or my path...not really. 

I have been thinking that I need to spend more time on meditation, and mybKung Fu oractice... which many people have always scoffed at, as pointless....as if other things are so full if meaning and "point"

How can whole.gentes of movies be made about a thing and a practice that is pointless...and whybis itbthat my particular goals are pointless.

Perhaps I am just using these practice as a meditation to find out what such a point is. 

In any case, I will be trying to do more of this and finding my way on a  balanced middle path.


You mo gau lun hai Chau. Yee ga ga jai hai mm lun Seng dooku shu. Jing do ngau ho lun Mah fan. But go ngau seeing jee...lee gau Mun tai hai mm hai kui ga main Tai wah jri hai ngau dei ga tai faht. Kui mm serng John dee Gung fau...mm Gum hoi gau gau camera...you MRI Ah Mun tai? Kui do Jong Hok gun yeah je. Gum Mun Tai hai mm hai ngau dei you fong song but ha...mo gum gun jerng...king do kui gun jerng? Mm jee. Ke sut kui yongblee gau Fong faht dooku shu...hai ho hau Moh. Wun wait kei ta gau dee hol sang jong gau gun kui. Kung jong hai to kei ta hok sang king gun gai....ho day mo. Gum yee gau kui jun hai fail sai Lee but leen....you do gok dark do mm.hai Mun Tai. Ho gau kui mm jo. Hai mm hai seen? Gau sai jai moh mut Mun tai...kei gwai....

Monday, October 19, 2020

safety net

I think I am forming a new idea for a political platform....not to say it won't get tweaked...and not to say that it might have holes in its logic but here goes.

And yeah people will probably think its nuts at first.

1) The Federal Bank

I remember learning about this in highschool as what Andrew Jackson would call "the Hydra Headed Monster"...but Jackson was wrong about a lot of things...like genocide...

We all have social security numbers if we are citizens. And banks have been bailed out constantly for bad behavior...and can even be owned by foreign entities buy bailed out by our government...so wtf?

Now if I really ran saying to create a national bank to replace all of the banks in existence people will think that is crazy. And maybe it is true that it might be like adding too much cold water to a fishbowl.

But just because that is my platform doesn't mean that that5 what happens. We all have to sit down and figure out a balanced way to make it work. So yeah...that is my platform, let's argue and discuss until we come up with the middle ground...but that's what I think we should do. Not FDIC to back up these monstrosities, but cutting out the middle man...which brings me to my next platform point

2) UBI

Yes if we all belong to a federal bank then it's easier to push a button and give everyone 1K a month after they are 18 years old. The money comes from where Andrew Yang said it would...the data freedom thing...no I don't fully understand it...and yes, everyone gets it even if you are a billionaire. No it's not about earning it or fairness. It's about running a country and  building a society. And unlike what Yang said.. I DO want this to replace welfare, foodstamps, and other programs. Because its easier. Yes there are problems with that. But their are problems with the system now. Why are we afraid of problems? 

3) Universal Public Housing

I grew up in the projects. ButI feel that there should actually be a less co.fortable more communistic feeling public housing...for everyone. That's right...now homeless people. But that doesn't mean everyone gets an apartment. Part of the housing will involve so e kind of work to keep it...weird right? Since I said there is UBI. And why is it for everyone...including the rich? Yes...a billionaire cab gst this public housing too. Which is not really a home or a house...but shelters in strange places on the side of the road. People who get work cutting lawns or whatever and stay in them one. Ight and move on. Maybe it should be REQUIRED for everyone to serve 2 years where you live in this housing...and maybe some sort of police/social work is part of the assignment. Maybe it is part of your highschool education and maybe it is funded with our military budget. 16-18 are good years. But also if you run into hard times you can return to this system until you get back on your feet...and maybe many elderly choose to retire into this system. The system we have now has people locking up other people when both of these people should really be doing a completely different job. Maybe partbifnthis training is medical training

4) Universal education 

Just freaking use Khan academy as a base, more trade school, bring in the private sector to pay for some stuff, get kids working earlier but in a reasonable way, doing tasks for society. Maybe even medical work. Maybe even police work. Yes I said kids....with the way AI is progressing, it might be possible...probably already is possible. 

5) Universal.Healthcare

But as a base line treatment. Like yes...rich people can still pay for the better stuff. That's not fair....but that's what gets those fancy drugs funding to be created. So don't touch that aspect of health care. Just add in a baseline. So it doesn't cost a ridiculous amount to get stitches. Train kids to stitch  up animals or something. Train everyone to be a medic. That's not crazy. I wouldn't want to be the first one... but why not test on animals then? Is that cruel? If you eat meat then you can't complain. If you know you WILL have to treat someone at some point when you are age 16-18 or 16-24 even...then you will do it.

6) Democratize the judicial system and supplement with artificial intelligence 

Yeah...you guys will hate this one...but a written law, since Hamurabi...has bern a form of artificial intelligence. A way to take the pressure away from the person dealing out justice by having a non human thing to refer to.. a code...a law. And there were societies in the hemisphere that did things differently and arguably better. Justice should not mean revenge and punishment. Just because we have been doing something for a long time...doesn't necessarily mean it is the best way. We cab draw from other systems and countries that are further along than we are. This also means no more privatized prisons...which we are moving away from anyway. Also fined are easier to enforce...(because of UBI and Federal Bank) and Fines are not as deadly to certain groups because of UBI and Universal housing. Also there is that young group of 16-24 year olds living in Universal housing and other Universal housing people who can be in charge of guiding society as teacher/police/social worker/medic types. Not to say we replace the private sectors version of those professions. In fact the one can be training for the other. 

Again...people will say this is nuts butbsonis our system now frankly...and so is the platform's of the people in power now. And my opinion isn't written in stone...I'm just tired of hearing politicians and media argue about nothing. Here are 6 solutions to almost ALL the problems. Just haven't mentioned how it solves all the problems yet...and it virtually leaves most of society as it is to be honest. It's only some internal redecorating and reorganizing. 

Shoot I didn't even mention race because if you think about it...a decade or more of this and how much you wanna bet the 16-24 year olds all mix anyway and race will be a thing of the past? 

I didn't mention Police reform because how much you wanna bet that 16-24 year old group helps buffer and solve all of that organically.

I didn't mention foreign policy...because actually this list has nothing to do with that. 


Yes the environment is important and as with anything should be given an important place in any decision. 

Taxes...I didn't mention it because actually this has less to do with creating new programs as with rearranging the programs we already have in place. 

The biggest one is that Federal Bank and that will meet the most resistance. Fine...just work around it like I said, platform doesn't mean final outcome. 


Well our Kung Fu practice started out okay
 Dai dai doesn't have to participate today because he has dance. Shao chose our wali g path. I was almost going to let him get away with just bringing the baseball bat on the walk and swinging it around and having him do his sword form once...and thatbwould be it. But he didn't bring the bat. Usually the bat is actually an incentive to get him to walk.  He chose a more dangerous path to walk in terms of having to watch out for cars. I'm not sure why he did this but I allowed him to chose because it was just me and him...and because I didn't know any better. There is more traffic than there was and we won't be doing that again.  We got back and did some sword fencing drills with old canes that I was supposed to throw away. Ut instead, left leaning again trees. We moved on to free style sword fighting with the canes and he swung wildly at my to the point where I was nervous he would let go and hit our windows despite the fact that we were outside. I tried to explain to him.why he shouldn't do that, but I didn't force him to stop. But after a while it was simply testing fate and I said to love o  to doing the two man form...which we did once and he didn't seem to want to do ut more times in order to get better at it. So I moved on to his form that he usually performs...which looked particularly terrible, but it might have been because of the weight of the cane. So I switched with the nice looking prop sword we have. It looked better but I had a correction on how to get it better by using more ding lik. He used the sword as a cane, ruining the point, and complained and whined.....and basically is refusing to do the form one more time. On the up side...he is playing outside with rocks and that is better than screens. So despite the fact that he has homework to do, I am going to let him "win" and get away with it because he is playing outside, using his imagination as opposed to sneaking of and playing screens like an addict.....oops he just came in. Guess it's time to start homework.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Kung Fu Writing

My older son has trouble writing...or right now...schooling in general... and even Kung Fu ing. I told him I wanted him to start journaling. I dont even care what he writes about. The point is he had to get used to gathering his thoughts on paper without fear and anxiety. I noticed he even got stuck when being asked to draw something. But drawing was not a problem for him before. Interestingly, if he just does freestyle Kung Fu by himself, not in front of an audience, he will not be at a loss for moves. His moves may get repetitive, but he can play and play and duck and swing and cut with his weapon of choice, the baseball bat. But in terms ofnwritingbor even speaking, he tends to be more repetitive. He will want to repeat what he has heard online or read somewhere, randomly actually. But when I try to get him to drill in Kung Fu, to do the same thing over and over, to develop skill and strength, he finds this extremely boring and won't do it. Weird huh? I guess journaling is. Form of repetitive freestyle. For whatever reason
..he just doesn't want to do it. But I am going to have to start getting on him to do this simple task in addition to his school work. Because I know that after he has written more the writing will just come. He will he able to respond immediately to simple written questions. 

Monday, October 12, 2020

a three hour tour

So yesterday we went for a nice little Sunfay hike. There were different trails. The white box trail was the easiest one. It was a mile hike or so.....but then suddenly we were following yellow squares and the number of squares did not really seem to have a meaning and we continued and then there was an Pope pine clearing and aha...white squares again...only these squares looked more like...well white the original white squares should have looked like. "Are we almost there?" Dai dai asked. I guess some mommy's or daddy's would say, "just a little but longer honey" but seriously why lie, "I have no idea you just have to keep walking so we can get out of here." Was my answer because it was the truth and really you shouldn't lie to kids..or adults for that matter. It just confuses everything. And if the path is just one option....then don't question it...just do it until we get out. People reassured us that indeed we were going the right way and finally we came to be passing old people with canes and young children and we knew that it could6be that much longer. "WE'RE NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN MOMMY!" said Shao. Then we came to the pipe line clearing and gravel and the parking lot. "Shao...we're here" he laughed all the way to the car and laughed the whole time he ate the Royal Farms fried chicken, "I'm so happy I can't stop laughing"

I think we all had nightmares that night. So in a way it was like an haunted house...or haunted woods...which I assume are cancelled this year because of Covid...so you know...two birds with one stone.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Nam On Long hui Tai Tung Chuen

The title of this post is an idea for a form I am creating. A work in process that will basically be a Kung Fu form trying to encapsulate my Sifu's story. An intro? A trailer...bot that detailed. The form is not going to be super long. I have a separate one that will be more about certain fighting techniques. The title...needs work. And I think I will make the form on my own first and then show it to my Si Hing when  I have time and see what he thinks....but it's more for me...I plan to practice these forms every day as a way to remember and basically by doing so....I know this is sort of crazy and old school but it's what I am going to do. The more I thought about it... the more I realized that because of the events of his life....there will be some pretty emotionally heavy aspexrsbto this form. So the question is...should these forms be secret? But actually that's ki d of dumb. Most people will not understand that form anyway.....so it will be a lot like a traditional form. In other words....practiced often with secret meanings but yes also performed publicly.