Kung Fu and Love

Kung Fu and Love
A great gift for Valentine's day or Chinese New Year

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Defining heroes and villains

I have been watching Marvel's Agents if shield, and between that, Black Panther, and all the Netflix Marvel series abiut the Hand, I not only noticed the evil Asian villain theme... but if you compare those stories with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the 108 heroes, the journey to the west, or Louis Cha's novels, you will notice that the modern western villains tend to dhare more in common with the heroes in older Chinese culture. And you cab flip that around too.

Heroes like Coulson, or Tchalla are more similar to the villains in the old Chinese stories.

Here are some examples I will talk about.

In ancient China, and ancient other places, heroes can eat human flesh, require that their children die and other horrific things, and still be the heroes.

Villains like Cho Cho, seem to be good leaders and have their stuff together and obey the laws.

More specifics on this later.

Friday, April 13, 2018

The sun

Im up to the point in agents of shield where simmons gets back from the planet where there is hardly any sunrise... err I guess because she is at one of the poles. My kids were asking during some dramatic scene why they were going crazy because thete is no sun.

Today in Nj the sun is out amd it actually feeks like summet and I can say
that has had a huge effect on my outlook on life.

In the city it woukd be i even mire so I am sure because young women will be dressing accordingly in bright colors and happy attitudes. 

My kids will be playing outside l8bger today I am sure. Though with the joy comes allergies for all of us.

Yesterday I watered the plants and it well more on my story about turninh my head another time. For now, posituve thoughts and vibes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Agents of Shield

I'm hooked on this show. Not in the way I was hooked on the various Marvel series. I'm not really hooked on the plot at all. Its more like I like watching these people like they are my friends and family. I'm hooked on it in the way past generations were hooked on Gilligan's Island. Mostly I like watching Chloe Bennett make snarky comments. Its amazing how entertaining that is. The fight scenes? Well, I keep watching and thinking, "oh I see how the cut right there." Especially with Ming Na Wen. Like oh yeah, i bet they told her to tilt her head just so in a classic follow up to a kick executed by the stuntwoman.

To be honest... the show is kind of lame. So lame that it is good. Does that make sense? Its an escape from reality. Maybe its because I have no crew of my own, and I totally wish I could be on a show like this even if it was only on youtube and I didnt get paid.

Monday, April 9, 2018

8th Avenue

Brooklyn's Chinatown is so awesome. Its damn near the Wakanda of. Chinatown's in that it has all the benefits of an awesome Chinatown, low prices almost as if there were an exchange rate, good food, hell food that you may not have seeb before if you tend to stick to your own province, and yet I don't see any of the negative stereotypical stuff. Drugs prostitution etc. I just saw a Chinese community with wide sidewalks that my kids could run down, a huge park which overlooks NYC and the Statue of Liberty. We had "da biang" which i think is ja biang or a fried cake at this hole in the wall with dim lights. It was awesome. I realized to fully exoerience the food, I might have to pick up some Fujianese. Otherwise I won't really know what I'm ordering.

Friday, April 6, 2018


I'm gonna start stetching more and meditating more and taking my training more seriously. Not so much because I have specific goals... but otherwise what am I doing with my life. I realize my back is hurting because I stacked two matress on top of each other and that's too soft. So I moved then to Amah's room. Will probably put them down in storage. I'M gonna sleep on the floor instead. And this w ay I'm more likely to Yoga myself to sleep and to Yoga myself awake in the morning.

I've been doing some of the Rashneeshpuram crazy meditation... but that stuff was intense the way I was doing it. Maybe only a once a day type of deal. Good for after work to relieve stress.

I get strease out teaching my kids too. Jonah has a hard time focusing on moves which makes me angry. So... we might just do other stuff. Or maybe I'll just have Noah or Grace teach him.

Performance at Rose Mountain care center

Well just arrived here. Jonah is being a terror and Noah is begging for Minecraft

Friday, March 30, 2018

With determination

I saw a self help mean that said to start the day with determination. I realize that a lot of guys... people... who seem more successful wake up early and work out. Im not really concerned about how little I work out. I tend to start the day sipping tea and staring out the window at the deer in the woods.

Buy perhaps I would feel different if I woke up earlier and did some bad ass Kung fu. Should I?